Why Outsource Your Accounting

Outsourcing your accounting services generally will cost you the same or less than hiring a low level employee to perform those duties. What you get in return is the expertise of a CPA to make sure your records are accurate.  You will get timely reports that give you the tools you need to make good management decisions. Also, we are cross-trained, so one of us is always there for you. You pay a flat monthly fee and do not have to provide benefits, paid time off and office space as you would with an internal bookkeeper.

We work in a virtual paperless environment and use a higher end software that allows us to process transactions very efficiently at the same time can provide you with great reports.      

 We customize our services to your needs. Our process is to visit with you about your needs and then provide you a proposal detailing how we can meet those needs. We perform only those functions you need, so you do not pay for services you do not need .

Some of the Services We Provide

  • Assist management in the implementation of good internal controls over financial transactions.
  • Process all cash receipts and cash disbursements through the accounting software.
  • Reconcile bank accounts monthly and maintain an electronic checkbook for management to stay informed of the bank account balance. 
  • Recording and maintaining records on capital assets.
  • Reconciling and recording investment transactions.
  • Perform monthly accounting and close procedures.

  •  Issue timely and complete monthly financial reports. Prepare special reports as requested by management. 
  • Issue grant reports that can be used to monitor the grant activity for each specific grant period. 
  • Assist with the annual budgeting process.
  • Issue annual 1099 forms.
  • Assist with the annual audit by providing the auditor most of what they need.
  • Work closely with the Executive Director on the organization’s business activities and perform other financial related tasks as needed. 

Payroll Services:

  • Process payroll using time tracking and grant allocation techniques.
  • Issue payroll detail reports by programs or grants. 
  • Submit all required IRS and State reports. 
  • Annually prepare W-2s.